Thursday, July 21, 2011

Here's Mt. Etna Minus The Lava

News of Mt. Etna belching has me looking back at these shots from 2008.
Our tour got to about 1000 ft from the crater. On this day the wind was around 30-40mph. so the clouds and steam mixed to create this mystic shroud. We couldn't get any closer because of the wind but I still like this view. shooting data: 1/125 @ f/20, ISO 200 EC -2/3 stop

We had a great view of Etna each day from our B&B in Taormina, Sicily.

Sea breezes moving up the slopes created wonderful lenticular clouds each day.  shooting data: 1/100 @ f/20, ISO 200, EC -1 2/3 stops

Here's another beautiful cloud created by the relatively warm sea air cooling as it rose up the slopes of the volcano. shooting data: 1/400 @f/20, ISO200, EC -1 2/3 stops

Many quiet villages dot the mountainside with a view of that crater. shooting data: 1/40 @ f/16, ISO200, EC +1/3 stop

This is the delicious pizza I had for lunch in one of those villages, Zafferana Etnea. shooting data: 1/6 @ f/20, ISO200, EC -2/3 stop

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